Where I can't get a good Wi-Fi signal from my base station

Ask: I have a couple of rooms in my house where I can't get a good Wi-Fi signal from my base station. I've tried an extra antenna, to no avail. What should I do?

Answer: In this situation, you need to add a second (and possibly third) access point to cover the remote locations. The usual ways to do this are: 1) run an Ethernet wire from the base station to the second access point; 2) use a Wi-Fi repeater, or range extender, that takes the Wi-Fi signal from the main base station and rebroadcasts it. In this case, you need to place the repeater in a location that both receives a good signal from the base station, and provides a good signal to the area you want covered, which may not be easy.

Now there's a more reliable and simpler solution. NetGear's WGXB102 Wall-Plugged Wireless Ranger Extender ($129) is an 802.11g access point with two parts: one that plugs into your home router via Ethernet, as well as into a power outlet; and a second that plugs into another power outlet in the room to be covered. The system sends network data through your home electric wiring, before converting it to wireless at the remote location.

This method makes it a snap to cover Wi-Fi dead spots with pinpoint precision, without running any additional wires.

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