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192.168.l.254 ( IP Address or 192.168.l.254 for all modem manufacturer firms load a software program, so that, they could help the users in case of any internet connection problem or set up modifications, easily from a distance. The ip code is an address with which a user can access to the management panel of his/her modem to modify it according to his/her decisions. Users also get help from the firm by phone if they want, during the process.

What Can Be Done With This Ip 192.168.l.254 ?

Users can access to the control panel of their modem, by entering the ip 192.168.l.254 address with full authorization as an administrator. After that, users are able to set up and repair their internet connection with the guidance of the router software program. By accessing the device's management panel, you can modify Network Management Settings, Proxy, Virtual Routing, LAN, WAN, WLAN, NAT, Virtual Server, Different Security Options, WPS, DSL, IP Qos, MAC, like that you can control or set the inputs you want.

How To Login The IP Address

You can easily copy and paste or write manually the address to the address bar of your internet browser. Also, there is a link button in our website if you want. The most common user failure for this process is the forgotten ID or password. See the following instructions for this failure.

So, if you have forgotten or lost your password, What can you do?

If that have happened, the best and the easiest way is resetting your device to go the default settings. The button is located usually at the back of the device. Switching on it with a sharp and pointed piece (a needle, toothpick, etc.) for a while would be enough to go default settings. We published a password list for your modem & settings;

ModelLogin Ip AddressUsernamePassword
2Wirehttp:// (blank)N/A (blank)
Westellhttp://"admin" or blank"password", "admin", or blank
Thomsonhttp:// N/A"password" or "admin"
Spark LANhttp:// N/Ablank N/A
Netopiahttp:// "admin" or "netopia""1234" or "password" or "admin" or blank
Motorolahttp://"admin", "router", "motorola" or blank
Billionhttp://"admin" or "password""admin" or "admim"
Aztechhttp://"username", "admin" or blank"password", "user", "admin" or blank

When you try all combination you will fix your connect problems. You can get more information click to TELMEX website about Tieanda wifi router manuel.

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